PLAN: we are preparing conceptual plan with close coordination with client as per project requirement and Demographical condition.

Our Planning Criterion is:

» Understanding clients requirement
» Technical Viability
» Economic aspects
» Feasibility Studies
» Investigation and Survey
» Suggestion as per project, location and stakeholders.


Design: Priority given to the projects in association with client. Understanding their views/requirement to understand the overall expectation. Understanding the needs of all stakeholder is primary and important steps towards project designing.

Our Design Includes:

» Concept, preliminary, detailed design
» Land scape design
» 3D modelling


Manage: We follow the rule of 3M, Monitoring, Management and Maintenance.

Our Management covers:

» Development
» Asset Management
» Safety
» Environment and Waste Management
» Operation and maintenance

Project Completion:

As per experienced site management, we have prepared a completion template. Its addressing the core issues and ground truth, plan prepared according to project in view of risk, strategy toward environment & safety.

Completion plan consist of:

» Closure report
» Acknowledging stake holders
» Team discharging